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Installation for Debian 11

The installation of BookStack on Debian 11 is not really different from the installation on Debian 10. However, to make the installation as easy and fast as possible, I have created an installation script in my GitHub project:

GitHub Project: BookStack on Debian 11

The installation script is ideal for newly installed Debian systems and comes with all required dependencies, so you don't need to install/configure anything on your system beforehand. The script guides you through the installation and configuration of BookStack, MySQL and Apache2, so that you already have a working base installation of BookStack that you can log in to and start using right away.


Just clone or download the bash script from GitHub, adjust permissions and run it:

chmod +x

The script will then guide you through the installation with predefined settings.

The script creates a minimal Apache2 configuration to access BookStack. The app should not be used productively in this state or even be exposed to the Internet! In addition to securing Apache2, logging into a public network should only be done via HTTPS (and certificate). Of course, the default login should also be changed as soon as possible and the official documentation should be consulted: